Renate Wollin


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Renate Wollin, born 1941 in Cammin, Mecklenburg, works exclusively as a visual artist. She studied Music and German at the University of Greifswald, where she received decisive impulses from the professor and artist Gabriele Mucchi (1899-2002), a central figure of the Italian Nuovo Realismo movement. The cities of Berlin, Rostock and Hanover and their respective surroundings constitute the three most influential and distinct stages of Renate Wollin’s artistic œuvre.

A rich variety of portraits, still lifes and landscapes characterizes Renate Wollin‘s works for nearly four decades. While pertaining to the genre of figurative painting, their representational quality is expressive rather than naturalistic, transforming their subjects into a „chord of colourfulnesses“ (Peter Weiss). In 2001, Renate Wollin moved on from figurative to abstract painting, and from oil paint to acrylic paint. Her ensuing works are defined by the pure colourfulness of the Colour Field Painting movement. They translate its predominantly linear structures into dynamic compositions, articulating their polyphonically layered spaces through minute transitions of colour, opening up unexpected insights into their complex harmonies.